Dream Big. Start Small.
Collaborative Cafe will be a small space created to support local food entrepreneurs, local chefs, caterers, and food makers who are in the start up phase. We are excited to offer affordable hourly and daily rates for either our shared commercial kitchen and or our adjoining food hall.
Membership Options
Join our tiny community of culinary creatives and food entrepreneurs. We open in 2022, get on the waitlist now as we will have limited spots.
24 Hour Shared Commercial Kitchen
  • 125 square foot compact commercial kitchen
  • keycode entry for 24 hour access to kitchen
  • lockable dry food storage space
  • access to commercial equipment
  • block off hourly, daily or weekly rentals
Collab Cafe
  • 115 square foot shared micro food hall
  • select from cafe kiosk or shelf space
  • interact with your clients
  • covered outdoor eating at the property
Be a part of the Bungalows at Stafford
  • Feel a sense of connection with other makers, be featured in community events and farmer markets which will be hosted onsite
  • Become the preferred vendor for on site party business and house party rental which is also part of the mixed use business complex
  • Complimentary business branding and marketing mentoring, guidance and support
Flexible Rental
  • rent out space daily, weekly, monthly
  • upgrade or downgrade your membership easily
Membership options depending on your needs
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